John's Music Classes


Aniket Acharya

John is probably the best music teacher in the country. Whether you take guitar, keyboard, or vocals, he touches upon all instruments. Brilliant teacher and highly knowledgeable in many fields, not just music. Encourages and helps people to overcome their shyness/stage fear and have confidence in themselves. Also has a studio to make professional audio recordings. Best teacher 🎸

Tina Mathew

Excellent teacher, beautiful location. John gives equal importance to theory and practicals unlike other teachers. Children get a wide exposure in music as they organise concerts as well.

Bhanushankar Rajkhowa

Most of us curse ourselves, what we are doing is by compulsion and dream of a way to do something by choice. Come and meet this guy called John Daniel in John's Music Classes where one can learn Keyboard, Guitar and/ or Vocals. When I saw him first in a concert organized for his students at his place, I decided to get enrolled in his Guitar Beginners' Course. Believe me, the very first session of 2 hrs was the best class I have ever attended in any school/college till now. I'm sure John, u didn't enjoy your classes as a Law student, the way you are making your students enjoy in your Music Classes. The way he relates music with science, geography, space or anything is amazing. He gives a very well structured approach for his pupils.

Come here, learn and soothe yourself.

Note: John, the biggest punishment in your class was not holding a bar chord for long, it was when you were playing your guitar but we had to scribble our notebooks and could not look at you ;)

Vaibhav Jhingran

John's classes are transcendental. His teaching is natural and that makes his classes quite helpful. He breaks down Music Theory very well. The classes are well structured with equal amounts of practice and theory. He has great insight and is well versed with many genres of music. His classes always have a touch of surprise and fun element which makes you look forward to them.

Recommended to those new to music, those who have started out and lost their way or even the seasoned ones who want to get the groove on.

Karan Puri

I've completed the beginner's course with John and my experience has been great. The course is structured in a way that doesn't intimidate you as a beginner and doesn't hold you back at the same time. John's passion for music shows in his teaching and it is really contagious. There is never a dull moment in a class and you learn alot at the same time. I totally recommend John if you are thinking of starting off (or even otherwise) with learning music, be it Guitar, Keyboard or Vocals, you won't be disappointed. I hope to do justice to his lessons. 😊

Naren Lal

By far the best place to learn guitar in Bangalore. If you are staying in other end of Bangalore and thinking if you should commute all the way to Basavanagar, believe me its double worth it. Let me list down why
1. Not many places you get a such a brilliant teacher who understands you and your level.
2. Not many places you get to learn both finger style and playing rhythm at the same time.
3. Not many places you get chance to perform every 4 months with such an encouraging audience. (I have performed 4 times - improved leaps and bounds every time)
4. Not many places you get to learn theory/history behind the chords, broken chords, song, lyrics, genre while playing them.
5. He has brilliant syllabus and also can vary the sessions to keep it interesting according to your needs.
6. If you had to take a break for some personal reasons , no worries there are always trailing batches to join in when you are back.
7. Not just music - the way he takes his music, teaching and his ethics - there is a lot more to learn from.
8. Last but not least - the way he encourages the students to perform, compose and pushes them to next level - I tried to find a match in google - it showed 404 not found :)