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John's Music Classes

Theory ~ Method ~ Experience

Learn western music theory in a clear and systematic way that is designed to help you rather than confound you!

Learn proper technique!

Perform at concerts organised by us and add to your overall experience as a musician!

Learn more about John Daniel!

John oversees all the classes and believes in sharing every facet of his experience with all of his students and making learning a fun and exciting process!

He has been listed as one of India's top 25 Singer-Songwriters by Polka Cafe.

John has taught over 3000 students and has taught music in various corporates such as CISCO, HCL, Yahoo, CITRIX, MISYS, etc. He has taken music sessions in international schools such as Mallya Aditi International School and Vivero International.

He has gigged widely across Bangalore, as well as in select spots in Pondicherry, Kolkata and Shillong. John has judged Strawberry Fields, Bangalore's biggest music festival, 4 times! Additionally, he has judged the Bangalore round of IIT Bombay's Mood Indigo.

John's music, along with interviews of him, have also been featured in Radio Indigo and on Radio One, two leading radio stations in Bangalore.

He has also provided a sonic for ITC Foods, amongst other clients.

Have a listen to some of John's home studio recordings on SoundCloud!

Check out this video of John Daniel live in Blue Frog, Bangalore!